Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Crew Haus Barbers & Stylists

Cold Lake must have seemed like a million, zillion miles away for a Toronto girl named Lynn when she moved here in 2013.

Why Cold Lake, you may ask? "We're a military family, of course!" A familiar tale here in the land north of pretty-much-everything.

It wasn't long before this friendly Trawna hair stylist started working at "Crew," the only barbershop in town that gave straight razor shaves just like in the good old barbering days. Needless to say Crew became popular with folks in the military, but everyone in town knew anybody, men, women or kids, would get a great hair style at the downtown salon.

Since then, Lynn has embraced Cold Lake - so much so that she bought the shop in January 2016 - all the while continuing to express the love of her big city roots to whoever will listen! 

So why is the official name of the salon Crew Haus Barbers & Stylists? What's with the Haus?

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definitive term HAUS is given to a person who is amazing in all aspects of life.

"Ya," says Lynn, "we thought it sounded pretty cool, too! We're a unique blend of individuals [haus]  who have come from near and far. Both our work and training experience has come from the big cities such as Toronto and London, UK, to smaller towns right here in Alberta."

Lynn has a ton of enthusiasm for her new business. She has redecorated, added a specially designed and decorated shave room (complete with an old-fashioned barber's chair), and she plays vintage vinyl on her record player. The atmosphere is fun and cool, and so are the specials Lynn has been promoting - events like Mother's Day packages and Hot Towel services.

As for the actual business of hairdressing and barbering, Lynn and her staff are always learning, taking courses to keep on top of the fast-changing world of hair.

For more information, drop by Crew Haus Barbers & Stylists at 101-4910 50th Ave. (in the same plaza as Domino's), or call 780-594-6111. You can also visit their Facebook page or their website. They're open every day but Sunday.


Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast

Auntie Tanya at a Cornerbrooks Canada Day celebration.

Who's up for a big pet party?

At Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast, every day is a party!

Located in a quiet country setting, across the road from Ethel Lake, Cornerbrooks Pet B & B has been treating dogs and cats like family members since 1999. Cornerbrooks  has a wonderful clientele that is well-served by an experienced and enthusiastic staff. They offer your loved one a warm, inviting and loving home away  from home. Their accommodations are spacious, clean and constantly maintained. They invite you and your pets to take a tour of their facility and learn more about their family operation and the ways they care for your pet and give them the one-on-one love and attention they need and deserve.

Cornerbrooks is available to care for your pet 365 days a year, however they are closed to the public on certain days throughout the year. On those days they are still caring for your pets - just not open to visitors. Normally these are the days when their infamous pet parties are held!​
The pet parties are the talk of  the town! You will never know what to expect as Auntie Tanya (executive caregiver and proprietor) keeps her plans top secret . It is always fun  to discover what fun was put  together by your Cornerbrooks Aunties, with every little detail designed to bring delight to all of their furry friends.

Some of their past celebrations have included Salmon Easter egg hunts, a fine dining Thanksgiving  dinner with turkey, potatoes and stuffing, beef Jello served inside of baked tortilla bowls and topped with whipped sweet potatoes, handmade Christmas gifts, visits with Santa, turkey and cranberry pupsicles,  walking the path of pride specially created for pet guests on Canada Day, taking a pretend drive in the one-and-only Cornerbrooks  puppy car,  splooshing in pools, catching bubbles, bobbing for floating toys, dressing up for Halloween, Valentine's Day Brunch with puppy pancakes and heart shaped tuna cookies. What will happen at the next pet party? Keep posted to their Facebook page to find out.

After being a professional groomer since 2000, Tanya took over operation of Cornerbrooks from her mother in 2008. "This was a natural transition for me.  I had been wanting to create a pet spa for years and, when the time came allowing me to combine my passions [pampering pets, using my unending imagination and being with my family,] I jumped in with both feet."

With the help of her family, including her husband, Tanya has used her creativity to lend fun to the business of boarding pets. "Being with animals makes every day fantastic. I have owned both dogs and cats my entire life, and I have a sincere and earnest affection for animals. I share my heart with them."

For more information about Cornerbrooks Pet Bed and Breakfast, call 780-639-2290, or drop by the facility at 43022 Township Road 643, just northwest of Cold Lake, Alberta. You can also visit their website, their Facebook page, or e-mail Tanya.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cool Factory

Can you imagine a factory of cool? Lots of people still think money grows on trees, but a factory that creates cool still equals mind blown.

Cool Factory is actually an Etsy shop, owned by designer/creator Genevieve. She's a full-time visual communications design student in Alberta, Canada, and she likes to dabble in all areas of design, printmaking, sewing projects, and photography. Cool Factory, she says, is "my creative outlet where I can make and share beautiful things!"

Her "beautiful things" include whimsical magnets shaped like the front - and rear - end of golden animals; exquisite handwritten calligraphy notecards to send to one's beloved; artistically bound notebooks, perfect for secret diaries and aspiring novelists; even stickers with the word love dashed on them in glorious style.
She explains, "I started this shop as a way for me to try out new designs and creations, as well as take on new projects that I can't necessarily work on as a part of my design education. I love to play with colour, texture, and form, and this is my way of experimenting with all that I learn in school and on my own time. My hope is that, in time, I will be able to grow the shop into something that I can dedicate a significant amount of my life to, and that I can share a little bit of the joy I get from all of this with you."

To see more cool stuff, you can visit Cool Factory on Etsy or Genevieve's own website.