Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Cool Factory

Can you imagine a factory of cool? Lots of people still think money grows on trees, but a factory that creates cool still equals mind blown.

Cool Factory is actually an Etsy shop, owned by designer/creator Genevieve. She's a full-time visual communications design student in Alberta, Canada, and she likes to dabble in all areas of design, printmaking, sewing projects, and photography. Cool Factory, she says, is "my creative outlet where I can make and share beautiful things!"

Her "beautiful things" include whimsical magnets shaped like the front - and rear - end of golden animals; exquisite handwritten calligraphy notecards to send to one's beloved; artistically bound notebooks, perfect for secret diaries and aspiring novelists; even stickers with the word love dashed on them in glorious style.
She explains, "I started this shop as a way for me to try out new designs and creations, as well as take on new projects that I can't necessarily work on as a part of my design education. I love to play with colour, texture, and form, and this is my way of experimenting with all that I learn in school and on my own time. My hope is that, in time, I will be able to grow the shop into something that I can dedicate a significant amount of my life to, and that I can share a little bit of the joy I get from all of this with you."

To see more cool stuff, you can visit Cool Factory on Etsy or Genevieve's own website.

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