Saturday, February 13, 2016

A2Sea Creations

We create unique, beautifully handcrafted, seaside treasures designed to bring the West Coast of Vancouver Island into your home. We take pride in the fact that we use primarily local, organic, recycled & eco-friendly materials. (Although we sometimes use shells from around the world.) We customize & personalize whenever possible. We specialize in beach decor and beach wedding gifts. Be sure to check out the 'SOLD' section in case you see something you like: We may be able to remake it for you or, at least, something close to it!

Shop owner Micki Findlay resides on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Her adventure began in December '08 when she designed a beach-themed ornament for a Christmas sale held at a local art gallery. They sold like hotcakes so her friend, Cheryl, suggested they make more of them. One thing led to another and the two gals ended up opening their Etsy shop in January '09.

What began with one ornament, soon ballooned into whatever their creative brains could think up; from ‘Nautical Notepads’ to ‘Mermaid Treasure Pendants’, Seaside ‘Treasure Boxes’ to a ‘Message in A Bottle’ and so much more. Before long they had shelves jammed full of seaside treasures!

At the beginning of their venture, the two gals worked at Micki's kitchen table. This was far from ideal as her kitchen was soon taken over by seashells, driftwood, raffia, sea glass, moss, sand... you name it. What a mess! It was clear that they needed to figure out a more practical solution. So Micki's rarely-used guest room became their crafting room. She purchased several tall, inexpensive bookshelves, a long, fold-up work table and they were set to go. As their little business grew, they needed more room, so they eventually moved everything into Micki's workshop. Fortunately, she has a very patient husband who was willing to share the space with the two ladies.

Cheryl worked with Micki until July 2015. Micki now runs the business by herself but they remain the very best of friends.

Micki takes pride in the fact that she uses primarily local, organic, recycled & eco-friendly materials. She does her own beach-combing, although she does purchase a few shells for variety. It is not unusual to see her cleaning seashells in her kitchen sink or drying seaweed and driftwood in her oven. Many interesting aromas waft out of her kitchen! (By the way, Micki does not believe in harming living creatures, so she will only work with 'vacated shells'.)

Besides selling her beach treasures here in her Etsy shop, Micki has her products in several local gift shops.

Micki is also the captain of the Vancouver Island Etsy Team. You may find many of her team's products @

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  1. Thank you Cathy for the lovely write-up of our shop. And congratulations on the success of your gala! I am so glad I could help out in some small way. Thank you for being a voice for the animals.
    Micki @

    1. You're so welcome! And thanks again for helping us!