Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Below Zero Knits by Karen

Karen Harnett-Voigt  is the brains and fingers behind Below Zero Knits. When she’s not working at her part-time job or hanging out with her handsome military husband, you’ll be able to find Karen by following the sound of her clacking knitting needles.

She’s been knitting all of her life, thanks to loving instruction from her mom, as avid a knitter as they come. 

“I love to knit,” Karen says. “I love to knit things that make people smile. That, in turn, makes me very happy.”

If she can make something for you that you don't see listed on her Facebook page or her Etsy shop, please shoot her a message. If you're able, attach a photo. “I'll do my absolute best to get your item off to you in a timely and cost-friendly manner,” she promises.

For more information, visit the Below Zero Knits Facebook page or Etsy shop