Wednesday, February 24, 2016

blingbebe ::: Greetings That Shine

Silly name, silly cards. Silly, shiny, fancy, funny cards!

“I love silly, I love greeting cards, I love everything vintage and I love shiny objects,” says Betty, an Alberta graphic designer who has found her passion. 

“Put it all together with heavy, metallic-shine card stock and voila, blingbebe greetings is born. After doing my time in advertising as a graphic designer, I am now doing more of what I love night and day.”

What she loves is creating genuinely cheeky, positively funny, extra sophisticated and smartass greeting cards that are more beautiful and more original than anything you’ll find in any drug store. 

How about a congratulations-you’re-pregnant card that says, “Great, now who am I going to drink with?” Or a romantic card that says, “You had me at …” with a picture of a Tim’s cup? Or a congratulations-on-your-divorce card that quips, “I lost 175 lbs and I feel great!”

“We pride ourselves on our fanatical attention to detail when producing our cards,” Betty says. “We hope you enjoy giving our cards to friends and family as much as we enjoy making them. Life is good.”

For more information, visit blingbebe’s etsy shop or website

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