Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Bugsy And Sprite

A lot of Etsy shops would give their right paint-holding-hand to get even a few sales in this tough economy but a Calgary art shop has sold more than 10,000 prints since December 2011. Amazing!

Bugsy And Sprite is hailed as the “original skyline store.” It boasts arty prints, in a vast array of sizes, of city skylines all over the world. You can find skylines of just about every city in Canada, U.S.A., Africa, the Middle East, Australia, South and Central America – you name it, and Bugsy And Sprite probably has it. And if you don’t see a particular city, send the shop a message and they’ll likely get it for you.

Says Erin from Bugsy And Sprite, “Our city skyline shop was created in with the goal of providing modern and useful art. City skylines are our specialty and custom orders are always welcome. We can work with you to create a memory of a city you love, a children's print for your nursery or a custom cocktail print for an upcoming wedding. Please don't hesitate to contact us.”

She adds, “We are inspired by the fact that many of life's greatest memories are created by traveling, living and working around the globe. Each city has an interesting or unique landmark that when you look at it you say ‘that's my city.’ We hope this line can remind you of the times you have spent in your special places.”

For more information visit the Bugsy And Sprite Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/BugsyAndSprite.

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