Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Charleen Nichol

Charleen Nichol of Cold Lake, AB, has always been an enthusiastic supporter of the Lakeland Humane Society. For that, we are eternally thankful to this creative and hardworking young woman.

A talented craftsperson, Charleen made a unique outdoor planter for the Dawgs & Divas Gala. It featured several flower pots, all different sizes and all hand painted, held together with a sturdy iron rod. She even included a coupon for Canadian Tire so the auction winner could buy dirt, as well as seeds!

She's always so generous with her creativity - at Christmas she baked up a storm and made all kinds of delicious preserves (with help from her mom, Marion), then wrapped up huge gift baskets (tied with homemade decorations) to give to family and friends. So appreciated!

Thanks for all your hard work, Charleen! The animals at the humane society thank you - and so do the people, of course!
This is similar to Charleen's, but Charleen hand painted all her pots!

How the pots are put together.
One of Charleen's pots.

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