Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Charlsey Keeping, Keeping Beauty Natural

Charlsey Keeping calls herself a wandering artist.

"I travel as a lifestyle," the Canadian artisan says. "Thank you for supporting me on my journey. ♡ "
Charlsey LOVES to travel.

"I always knew I loved to travel, but I was officially hooked in 2014. I promised 12-year-old-me that I would go to Australia when I turned 21 ... so off I went. From my hometown in Ontario, Canada to Los Angeles. I never did get on that plane from California to Australia... but I had a hell of a time there, in Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, South Dakota and so many more in between. Now, I'm traveling around Canada; back to my roots."

Until this summer, Charlsey was solely a street vendor, but she has recently expanded to online sales. Her Etsy shop, Keeping Beauty Natural, is a new and growing jewellery boutique that offers gorgeous, one-of-a-kind rings, pendant necklaces, dread beads and bracelets. All her beautiful trinkets are made with natural materials ... and love. ♡

Every item in her shop comes with a detailed description, not only of what it looks like, but what the materials mean. Case in point is this Malachite Pendant, made with malachite, oxidized copper and green faux suede (which is vegan friendly):

"As an Earth element stone, Malachite is grounding, protective and intense. This stone isn't for the wary; it's for someone who is ready to face change head on, release the past, and change their lives for the better. Being a green stone, Malachite has a particularly strong affect on the Heart Chakra; It promotes balance & healing in this area. In order to release the pain once and for all, we must really recognize, learn from, and release these feelings, not rebottle them; Malachite helps with that. It triggers the release of negative "hooks" in the Heart Chakra, and promotes healing once these hooks and imbalances have been removed. Malachite is the stone of rebirth. It is perfect for someone who is ready to take the leap; Make changes, let go and move on."

For more information, visit Keeping Beauty Natural, visit her Facebook page, or keep an eye out - with a traveller like Charlsey, you never know where you might meet up!



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